Fitness During the Festive Season

Fitness During the Festive Season

With all the shopping, wrapping, partying, deadlines, commitments, and more, an exercise routine can tend to slip off the priority list at this time of year.

Did you know? Maintaining your physical movement routine will reduce stress, keep up your metabolism, and elevate your mood! Give yourself a chunk of time every day to devote to your body.

The following ideas will help you stay committed to your fitness routine anywhere you go:

  • Message your Vida coach about your workouts and track them with a synced tracker or directly in the app for accountability—you’ll be much more likely to stick to your plan if you are also staying accountable to others.

  • Develop a quick strength routine that you can do in 20 minutes right at home that includes yoga, circuit training, or intervals for a total body workout in a short amount of time. Discuss this routine with your coach, or try online workouts to find one that best fits your needs.

  • Use exercise as an escape. We all have those moments when family togetherness or simply stress from the holidays makes us feel on edge. Use exercise as an excuse to get out of the house (look for inexpensive drop-in classes or day passes at a local gym) or simply walk or run around the block. We all need a mental escape, in addition to a bodily workout, so why not combine the two when you need it most?

  • Creatively get your heart rate up for 10 minutes at a time, 3 times a day, to help maintain your fitness.

Here's our top 5 list for creative fitness fit-ins:

  1. Stand, talk with your hands, and act out your stories at parties and family events. You might need to break this one in slowly, but your family will surely be entertained.

  2. For every present you wrap or open, stop and do one burpee or jumping jack (or better yet, have the person who gave you your gift give you a new challenge for every gift!)

  3. Purposely take the stairs as many times as possible per day. Even if it means you commit to using only the bathroom on whatever floor you happen to not be on. (Oh, and commit to drinking a full glass of water every time someone says "Thank you." We’re banking on the idea that you have grateful families and friends).

  4. Speaking of the bathroom, do squats after you visit the facilities. You are probably alone in the room and no one will judge anyway. A 135-pound person who does 50 squats in 2.5 minutes can burn about 22 calories. May not seem like much, but considering how many times in a week you visit the bathroom, this could really add up!

  5. Do something active as a family or with friends. Backyard football, a family walk (to see the lights!), and holiday charity races are some great ways to be together and be fit.

It’s easier than you think to use the holidays as a time to bond with family while staying active. You may even come up with a new favorite family tradition.

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