Vida Client of the Week: Heidi

Vida Client of the Week: Heidi

Meet Heidi. She is a retiree who loves to garden, enjoys metalwork, and is delighted to be able to hike step-by-step with her husband in their beautiful state of Colorado. They finished their first 5K run together at Thanksgiving!

Health change catalyst. More than four years ago, Heidi was diagnosed with high blood pressure and was just a tenth of a percentage point away from type 2 diabetes, based on an A1c result. This was her wake-up call. She began some health improvements on her own, but found those hard to sustain after she retired.

“I wanted to get my weight down so I could enjoy retirement and do all the things we wanted to do—not slog through life being heavy and shopping in the plus sizes,” she says. She was on blood pressure meds and says her eating habits were “horrible.” Then she received an offer to enroll in Vida via her health insurance plan.

Her health goals since connecting with Vida Health and Coach Adrienne have been gradual weight loss and sustainable healthy living.

Fast forward—1 year later. Heidi has lost 35 pounds and improved her blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Her December physical and blood work were good overall—her A1c is at an all-time low, in the normal range. Her doctor congratulated Heidi on her weight loss and healthy outcomes.

What's worked for Heidi:

  • Social support: Heidi and her husband work out several days a week in their at home gym. Canine support helps, too—Heidi’s dogs insist on walks.

  • Variety: “We mix up our workouts all the time and keep it interesting,” Heidi says. “My husband helps me every step of the way and I even have him doing yoga, cardio and boxing right along next to me.” Exercise DVDs from the library (“the best source ever!”) have introduced the couple to yoga, cardio, step boxing, weights, and using the elliptical machine, plus a little tai chi thrown in.

  • Tracking: Heidi is consistent in tracking what she eats. “She has found that tracking helps keep her honest with herself,” says Coach Adrienne. Heidi also tracks blood pressure, weight, and her daily step count.

  • Healthy eating. Heidi now eats more fruits and vegetables than ever before (and loves them). Much of that bounty comes from her own garden.

  • Overcoming challenges: Each time Heidi has been at a juncture in her progress, she has been willing to name what has been in her way, says Coach Adrienne. Together, they identify what she has learned from each experience and move forward.

Thank you, coach. “Coach Adrienne has been the voice of confidence, encouragement and support every step of the way,” says Heidi. “Adrienne has been key to my success. Her cheerful voice and upbeat attitude really helps. She has provided guidance and suggestions on food and exercise that have been spot on.”

Heidi is facing forward in her health journey, and celebrating her many successes:

“I'm always aware of my food choices and I eat more fruits and veggies than ever before (and love 'em!) as well as enjoy exercising. I feel so good and my flexibility and stamina are light years ahead of where they were. I can cross my legs and shop in ‘regular’ clothing sizes. I’m down three sizes!”

*All clients in these stories have given us permission to share their health transformations.

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