Vida Client of the Week: Frank

Vida Client of the Week: Frank

Meet Frank. He’s an active retiree, father, and grandfather, and lives in Florida.

Health change catalyst. Frank had been through a painful divorce. He weighed close to 230 lbs. His A1c, a measure of diabetes control, was way off target and his blood pressure was sky-high. “I would diet, then binge, then try to lose weight again,” he says. “I wasn’t in a good place. I’d take my medicine, then I didn’t take it. I was not in compliance.”

His waist was size 46, his shirt size XXL, and he could no longer wear some of his beautiful suits. “I was not happy with myself,” he says.

Frank received an offer from his insurance plan to join Vida. He decided to give the health coaching program a try. But he was skeptical. “This is probably going to last three weeks—that seems to be my cycle,” he recalls. “I expected something totally regimented.”

Yet he encountered something totally unexpected when he began working with Coach Marietta “Metta” through weekly phone consults. “To my surprise, it was gentle, professional, gave me encouragement but also accountability,” Frank says. He appreciated the nutrition information Coach Metta provided and the practical goals they discussed.

For exercise, he started walking. Soon, Coach Metta asked him to consider going to his nearby gym. He felt intimidated at first—it was years since he’d been to a gym! But he went, and kept going. He started to wake up in the morning feeling less achy than before.

Fast forward—9 months later. “I’m now exercising, eating plenty of veggies and protein. I’m investing in me!” Frank visits the gym four times a week. He also enjoys swimming at the beach.

At a recent checkup, his A1c was no longer in the diabetes range. His cholesterol, at 136, was so much lower than a year ago that they repeated the test, just to be sure! He’s been able to reduce his diabetes and blood pressure medications. His waist size is 38 and his shirt size is L.

What's worked for Frank:

  • Tracking: Frank uses his blood pressure monitor and blood glucose meter and sends his results to his coach. This helps him stay accountable.

  • Overcoming challenges: Food has always been a big part of Frank’s family life. His Colombian heritage and traditions include rice, beans, pasta, bread—and lots of it. He went to visit his mother, who though he was starving and encouraged him to eat, although he explained he was getting healthy, exercising, and watching what he ate. Frank talked to Coach Metta about the challenge of those big family meals and strategies he could use. What he learned: “You are in control. You can say, ‘No thank you.’ You don’t have to eat the whole portion.”

  • Mindful eating. “The way I ate was emotional,” Frank says. “I can now feel better with the quality—not the quantity—of food. I’m focused on what I really want in life, not the instant gratification of food.”

Thank you, coach. “Without the professional guidance, encouragement, and accountability it would have been impossible,” Frank says about his health transformation. “Vida came at a very critical time of my life,” he says.  “I am empowered by being healthy, losing weight, going to the gym, cleaning my diet, and changing my perspective about life. I am happy again.”

Frank’s words of wisdom:

“Change is possible. Change is possible when we change our mind. Vida motivated me to change my mind.”


*All clients featured have given us written permission to share their stories.

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