Mother's Day Brunch Buffet: What Would A Vida Coach Eat?

Mother's Day Brunch Buffet: What Would A Vida Coach Eat?

Brunch is a very popular option for Mother's Day. So I thought I would ask some of our wonderful Vida coaches what they would choose if they were at a brunch buffet. The answers may surprise you.

I survey the buffet first to see what I like the most and what I am happy to skip.  I fill my plate with more fruit and veggie, protein. I save the second trip for the indulgent-- this way I am filling up from the first round on good stuff and a bite or two of the indulgent is usually enough. If I find myself still hungry, then I sit with water, enjoy the company and give myself time for my head and tummy to talk to each other. My goal- don't walk out overly stuffed! ~ Jennifer B., Specialty: Mindfulness & Intuitive Eating

Belgian waffle with maple syrup and whipped cream and chopped pecans as a garnish. Sharon, Specialty: Fitness & Weight Management

My first choice is scrambled eggs with veggies. Next, I choose fresh fruit, lots of it! Then I choose breakfast potatoes but not hash browns. ~ Amanda G., Specialty: Intuitive Eating

Grilled or roasted asparagus with a squeeze of fresh lemon!  A spring vegetable favorite! ~ Mindy, Specialty: Diabetes Education & Menopause

At a brunch I go to the protein first, and veggies next, and then one little sweet indulgence. ~ Candy, Specialty:  Weight Management & Physical Activity

For almost any brunch, I usually go for an omelette or scramble with smoked salmon or bacon plus avocado. I skip the empty calories with bread, and opt for fresh berries if available. If seafood is on the menu and I'm feeling it, I'll go for the Crab Louis. Aside from healthy servings of coffee, I keep it simple with water. ~ Joe, Specialty: Mindfulness & Endurance Exercise

I'm totally a half your plate veggies, other half protein and fun kinda girl. ~ Liz W., Specialty: Women's Health and Nutrition

I am going to brunch on Mother's Day, so I will choose eggs benedict, since I would never make this at home.  I would also choose fruit of course! ~ Jennifer P., Specialty: Nutrition & Support of Bariatric Patients

If this was a seafood buffet I'd go for trout, salmon, shrimp, calamari, crabs, scallops, mussels, and a hush puppy or two, as strict/clean as I eat throughout the year I know that one meal like this would not affect the hard work I've put in all year training. I enjoy food very much so I always make sure that even when eating strict it's good quality, good tasting food. Eating healthy doesn't have to be a burden or something to dread when making choices on what to eat. ~ Luis, Specialty: Strength & Conditioning

For Mother's Day brunch, I would choose from the following: eggs made any way, frittatas, breakfast meat, a variety of vegetables, and some fruit. I would also enjoy a nice cup of tea and/or coffee.  ~ Danielle, Specialty:  Strength & Paleo Lifestyle

If brunch includes seafood then I am all about the crab legs (just lemon, no butter) but otherwise I will look for an omelette station where I ask the chef to minimize oil and load up on vegetables. Fruit and any yummy looking vegetables will also find its way onto my plate. A buffet is usually a treat for me so I may choose a dessert too, but only if it looks amazing.~ Elise (me), Specialty: Holistic Emotional & Physical Wellness

If there is an omelette bar I typically head there for an omelette with ALL the veggies. If not, grab eggs and whatever veggies I can find to fill half the plate. If available, I add a side of fruit and perhaps a dollop of yogurt/granola, and since buffets are also usually a treat for me I top with something sweet like a mini muffin. ~ Melisa, Specialty: Weight Management & Smoking Cessation

When it comes to brunch, I like to choose things that I don't typically make at home. In my case, that means eggs benedict (I usually skip the english muffin). My favorite places to go have huge fancy pancakes, so I'll order one "for the table" so I can have a little bit of it and still leave with my pants buttoned. OH--and for Mother's Day--a spicy bloody mary for sure. ~ Amanda D., Specialty: Disordered Eating & Postpartum Health

I would eat whatever I wanted at the buffet, especially since it's a holiday. Because I workout and eat healthy at least 330 days per year, I use the other 35 days for enjoying special occasions like holidays, birthdays, etc.  And one of the techniques that I use to keep my metabolism elevated is to explicitly eat significantly more calories than I need for that particular day a couple of days per month, which is pretty easy to align with those special occasions.  And not only does that help my metabolism, but it also allows me to enjoy the foods at those celebrations while not having to drain willpower by trying to avoid them or feel guilty about not eating healthy.  Conversely, if I chose to eat healthy during those occasions, then I would also run the risk of resenting healthy eating in general, especially without little breaks from that to look forward to. ~ Jacob, Specialty:  Fitness and Sports Nutrition.

Knowing your approach has everything to do with knowing where this one meal fits in on your plans for your life. A splurge meal will likely not be an issue but it does need to fit in with your overall dietary needs. If you need help figuring this out then connect with your awesome Vida coach and allow them to help you to help yourself.

Happy Mother's Day.

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