Vida Client of the Week

Vida Client of the Week

Meet Terri. She’s a director of human resources, who first learned about Vida professionally and soon gained personal experience. Terri knew that her company’s health plan was offering Vida health coaching as a benefit. So it was no surprise when she received a letter inviting her to participate.

“I weighed more than I had,” she recalls. “I was interested in losing weight.” Terri successfully lost weight before Vida, but had not kept it off. She was ready to try a new approach. “With accountability, I felt I could really be successful,” she says.

Terri began working with Coach Adrienne. Their weekly calls soon became a place Terri could really talk about her life and her goals. Like many of us, Terri was dealing with challenges at work and in her family.

Life changes. During the year she spent with Vida, Terri’s workplace went through some big changes. Her parents experienced aging and health issues. Her father was in elder care and her mother faced lung cancer. Terri took on extra caregiving and financial tasks. Her husband was also dealing with health issues at that time and was less active.

Terri and Adrienne’s phone calls were a place of honesty for Terri. “There were certain people I didn’t talk to about work challenges, or caring for my parents,” she says. Adrienne listened, and gently asked questions, especially around Terri’s self-care and her health goals. An important topic was: “What’s holding you back?”

Adrienne’s prompts helped Terri to reflect and come to a key realization: “I cannot control anything that’s going on around me. The only thing I have control over—eating, exercising, losing weight—I’m not doing anything about. To feel better, I have to do something about it.”

Taking charge. Terri was well aware of her love for foods high in carbohydrate from refined flour and added sugar. Visits to the vending machine for pretzels and cookies during busy work days were getting in the way of Terri’s health. Deciding to take control helped Terri turn her knowledge into action. 

Fast forward—a year later. Terri has lost more than 30 pounds and kept it off. Even better, she has a new sense of well-being. She’s been able to attend to a few other personal goals she had postponed, such as estate planning.

What’s worked for Terri:

  • Stress-relieving physical activity. For example, Terri and her husband started doing yoga. “It’s a great stress reliever and a way to get some movement,” she says.
  • Meditation. To manage stress and center herself, Terri consistently practices meditation.
  • Focusing on what she can control. One of Terri’s most valuable accomplishments is her approach and attitude to stressful situations and times. She’s empowered to focus on the things she can control.

Thank you, coach. The weekly consultations with Coach Adrienne made a true difference in what Terri has been able to strive for and achieve. “My experience has been more than just physical health,” Terri says. “I feel true well-being.”

Terri’s words of wisdom about Vida:

“I hope that other people realize that it doesn’t have to take a series of serious life events to come to the realization of focusing on things that you can control, to reach your goals.”


Clients featured in our Vida Client of the Week series have given us written permission to share their health transformation stories.

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