Enhanced Vida Platform, Better Health Outcomes!

Enhanced Vida Platform, Better Health Outcomes!

We’re delighted to bring you new diabetes and behavioral health solutions

San Francisco, CA, May 7, 2018 –Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of our updated platform for our customers and their employees and members.

Here at Vida, we leverage deep behavioral science to address chronic health conditions, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and depression. Many people deal with having more than one of these conditions at the same time. That too often means juggling a confusing healthcare system and fragmented tools and resources.

Unlike most other digital therapeutics, we focus on the relationship between the behavioral and physical parts of each condition, and across multiple conditions. With our digital therapeutic—including human health coaches—we help people significantly improve their health across many measures, including A1C, stress and anxiety symptoms, weight, and daily physical activity.

At Vida we believe that caring for the entire person is the most effective way to improve health outcomes for users and reduce costs for employers.

With the new platform, our customers can roll out Vida’s entire platform spanning lifestyle, chronic, and behavioral health solutions. Or, they may customize a combination of programs to target specific concerns in their workforce or membership, such as diabetes and depression.

New “Vida for Diabetes” and “Vida for Behavioral Health” Solutions

Vida’s expanded platform includes Vida for Diabetes and Vida for Behavioral Health, digital therapeutic programs with one-on-one health coaching and licensed therapy. Programs include connected devices, biometrics integration, insights and analytics, progress-tracking, and interactive lessons.

Why? We want to help people overcome the burdens of chronic disease. We want to help employers and payers receive value and achieve health savings. Having more than one health condition at a time is costly, in terms of money and the effects on quality of life. For example, average healthcare costs for individuals with both diabetes and depression are four times greater than for individuals with neither condition.

“Comorbidities are one of the most pernicious and costly problems in our healthcare system. Vida is the only health and wellness platform to deliver results across chronic and behavioral conditions,” said Stephanie Tilenius, CEO of Vida Health. “There’s a lot of movement in the digital therapeutics space, but very few options for individuals who have multiple chronic conditions.”

Vida for Diabetes:

The programs in this solution help individuals prevent, manage, and overcome type 2 diabetes.

Behavior change focuses on nutrition, exercise, taking medication, and blood glucose management.

Our CDC-recognized diabetes prevention program targets 5-7% weight loss.

Vida participants with prediabetes experience an average weight loss of 7% after 6 months in the program.

Our diabetes management program targets an A1c reduction of one percentage point or more.

Vida for Behavioral Health:

The programs in this solution help individuals prevent, manage, and reverse behavioral health conditions.

The solution includes digital therapeutic programs for stress management and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

The mindfulness-based stress management program targets a 50% reduction in perceived stress.

The CBT programs supported by state-licensed therapists target a 50% reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms.

To date, the CBT programs have reduced depression symptoms, as measured by PHQ-8, by 64% and anxiety symptoms, as measured by GAD-7, by 54% at 6 months for those who completed a program.

“We’re able to drive health outcomes across a broad range of conditions because our entire platform is built on sophisticated behavioral science models and we combine evidence-based programs with real human coaching and therapy,” Tilenius says. “We help each individual at any stage in their health journey understand their situation, make progress toward specific goals, and realize lasting change.”

Vida Health is currently deployed by leading employers and healthcare companies. Customers include eBay, Cisco, AvalonBay, Steelcase, FICO, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Duke University School of Medicine, Aurora Health Care, Partners Healthcare, and more.

To learn more, please visit www.vida.com or find us at the HLTH: Future of Healthcare Conference in Las Vegas, May 6-9 at booth K-19 and during CEO Stephanie Tilenius’ talk, Orchestrating Health for Employees, on Monday, May 7.

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