Vida Superstar Jacquie!

Vida Superstar Jacquie!

Meet Jacquie. As a full time developer at Vida, she wanted to understand the product fully by trying the service end to end.

Connecting with Coach Jacob. 

"Despite being a Vida employee and truly believing in the benefits of the product, I though that because I lead a relatively healthy lifestyle I wouldn't benefit from a health coach.

I couldn't have been more wrong!"

Setting Goals.

"I began working with Coach Jacob in April of this year, with a goal of qualifying for the New York Marathon - a time of 3:13. Prior to this my marathon PR was 3:20; 7 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, but it seemed aggressive and potentially unattainable."

A better understanding of health coaching.

"I haven't worked with a coach since I was on the track and cross country team in high school, but that was a sport's team coach, not a health coach. Having a health coach has kept me focused on setting and achieving goals, maintaining a balance of physical and mental wellbeing, and helped me know when to push myself and when to relax."

About her coach.

"Coach Jacob was fantastic every step of the way! (no pun intended) He was my trusted source of all information, including nutrition, a training schedule, running workout specifics, injury prevention and management, race strategy, and my #1 cheerleader (second only to my mom)."


Jacquie surpassed her marathon goal with a PR of 3:09:59!

"I realize now that everyone can benefit from a health coach, and anyone would be lucky to have Vida in their pocket."



Mile 23 - all smiles before I hit the wall!
Alex: "You got this, but you're starting to slow down." 
Me: "Please don't talk to me right now."

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