Meet Vida Superstar Arnold

Meet Arnold.

Last year he visited his doctor and weighed in at 317 pounds. He was asked to try losing 25 pounds and was not really focusing on losing a lot. Arnold decided to talk to Lynn at Steelcase to see if she had any suggestions. She suggested he try Vida. He started working with coach Nicole in January of 2017.


His doctor told him "You've always been a big guy and you're always going to be. Just work on losing 25 pounds."

Before, Arnold didn't have the resources or education to change his diet. Now he logs everything through My Fitness Pal and coach Nicole sends him recipes and inspiration which helps with food variety.  He doesn't feel deprived, but he is cutting back on calories and focusing on protein and fiber.

"She has been a blessing" Arnold says. "She keeps my head in the game."

Arnold does strength training twice a week at classes offered by Steelcase. He exercises at home on the treadmill and lifts free weights with his son. He is feeling good about how he looks and how he feels while walking.

He was anxious that it would all fall apart and he would gain the weight back as he has done many times in over 30 years. Now he realizes that he has more tools, resources and knowledge. 


"It's been a long time since I felt this way. I'm feeling good."

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