Vida Superstar Rachael

Meet Rachael. She was 26 years old when she was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. After undergoing a year of extensive treatment which finished with 6 months of chemotherapy, there were a lot of challenges.

"At the very end of it, I was just wiped out. I would sleep all day long. But when I first started it, every third day, I would get really tired. There were some days where I could not lift an empty laundry basket. There were days when I had a lot of strength and could do almost everything, and other days when I could not even get out of bed.”

Introduction to Vida and Coach Morgan

Her doctor at Aurora Cancer Center suggested that she try Vida. She met coach Morgan and began working with her on getting back in to shape and eating better. She also found Morgan to be a great emotional support. 

"She is there to listen and give me tips, to guide me through. It is really nice to have an outside perspective."

Seeing changes:

"My doctor was surprised at how fast I recovered from chemo." Rachael attributes that success to focusing on getting back to being healthy and the help from coach Morgan. 

"I pushed myself really hard and Morgan is really good at keeping me organized." She feels energetic now, ready to move on with her life and ready to keep up with her now 2 year old daughter, Cecelia.

Her advice to other cancer survivors in recovery, "Everyday you are living, one day at a time. You can't rush it."

A New Approach To Chronic Disease

A New Approach To Chronic Disease

Meet Vida Superstar Mauricio

Meet Vida Superstar Mauricio