14 Ways To Show Yourself That You Care

14 Ways To Show Yourself That You Care

During this month of love, and every month, remember to show yourself that you care. This is not a selfish act but rather a great way to respect yourself and show those around you how you expect to be treated. Always remember that if you do not take time for yourself then you will have nothing left to give.

1. Get fit (ask your coach for two fun workouts to get your blood pumping).

2. Focus less on winning the approval of others.

3. Try one new fruit or vegetable each week.

4. Try a new recipe each week.

5. Evaluate your goals. Make sure that they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-related).

6. Slow down, relax and enjoy life's precious moments.

7. Create a food emergency kit for when you are on the go.

8. Ask for what you need. Most people are happy to help if they know what help is needed.

9. Just breathe. Take a moment for some good, deep cleansing breaths. Allow the clean oxygen to fill your body with energy.

10. Drink water for thirst, for health, for life!

11. Try something new.

12. Write down three things about yourself that you are proud of.

13. Make time for yourself. Enjoy a bath, read a book or take a nap.

14. Love yourself.

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