10 Tips to Cutting Calories on New Years Eve

10 Tips to Cutting Calories on New Years Eve

Be cool it’s just a normal day. Eat as you normally would throughout New Years Eve Day, do not skip meals in anticipation of the evening deliciousness. Instead eat nutritiously as you normally would for your other meals so you don’t arrive ravenous.

Work the drinking circuit. Moderate your alcohol intake by alternating one alcoholic beverage with one glass of flat water and one glass of soda water. That’ll keep you feeling full and hydrated.

Remember why you’re there. Remind yourself of the reasons why the New Year is important to you and your intention for the celebration. This can stave off a sugar binge and help you to be present to those around you.

Schedule your workout. Schedule a workout for the day before and the day after, this ensures you are starting the year out active.

A buddy is better. If you have someone else that may be wanting to curb their calories for NYE, check in prior about your intentions for the evening and the way you want to eat, drink, and be merry. Then help each other out to achieve this goal for your night.

Take the food and walk away. Don’t camp out by the appetizers, don’t run laps around the buffet, just fill a small plate with the delicious bits you want and walk away to have fun with your friends, then if you’re still hungry you can get more but not fall into the trap of mindlessly grazing by the food table.

If you must graze, graze like a herbivore. If you want to get your "graze on", make a rule that you only get to graze on things that are actually grazeable in nature, like fruits and vegetables. Also, skip the dips, you certainly wouldn’t find those in nature. So stick to the veggies and fruit for nibbles and you’ll prevent yourself from eating your weight in cheese and crackers.

Champagne is the way to go. Champagne actually has less calories than red wine and because the serving is smaller (4 oz instead of 5) this will allow you to consume less.

Do the math. There are 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve: If you stick to your previous eating habits for 80% of those days, that allows you 7 days for indulging. So don’t spend them all in one place, a couple on Thanksgiving, a couple at Christmas, a couple at Hanukkah, and save one for New Years Eve!

Know thyself. Perhaps the best question to ask oneself before a night of festivities is “how do I want to feel after tonight?” Answer this question specifically, “How much sleep do I want to get?” “How bloated do I want to be?” “Am I up for being hung-over tomorrow?” Let these answers guide your health choices for New Years Eve. 

Have a healthy & wonderful New Years!


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